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August 09 2016


Important Factors You Must Consider in Injection Molding Machines

Looking for the best service for injection molding machines service can be compared to choosing your hotel for your vacation. You have to be careful and check a lot of things. Since the plastic machine manufacturers released the injection molding machines for sale, a lot of things are possible now in the plastic industry. Before you buy injection molding machines for sale, keep in mind that there are some factors you have to consider about the injection molding machine. These are the following:

1.    Plastic Melt temperatures.

This includes the combination of other factors and settings. There are three areas such as the nozzle, barrel, and mold temperatures.

The nozzle temperatures and barrel temperatures are commonly related to the aspect of plasticizing and the flowability of the plastics inside of the machine that is forced through the mold. The mold temperature is connected directly to the ability of the melted plastics to flow through and to cool down in the injection molding process. 

•    The barrel temperatures must be considered carefully. The melted plastics can overflow and flash if it was set too high. But, it can also cause melt of lines, slow flow of plastics, ripples in the products and some unfilled parts in the process of injection molding if it was set to too low temperature.

•    Nozzle temperature must be lower than the barrel temperature. Melting plastic can drool in the nozzle if it’s too high, and if it’s too low, the melted plastic can decompose.

2.    Plastic Flow Rates

This factor should support the ability of the heated plastic that will be injected into the mold up to 95-99% full. There are void problems for too low pressure, and overflow and flash problems for too high temperature

3.    Plastic pressure

Also known as screw back pressures that controlled the relief valves in the hydraulic system. Too high pressure increase the flow of plastic to overflow and flash while too low pressure creates bubbles in the product.

4.    Cooling rates and timing

This is established based on the part and mold design as well as the materials used in the process. Customer’s expectations must a part, their desired size, and properties.

5.    Gaining advantage – if your business needs to have a partnership or help with the equipment, you can trust PlastiWin. They provide equipment like injection molding machines for sale and other used plastic machinery and service for all your needed production equipment. They continue to utilize our worldwide options for the brand new and used plastic machinery that your business need.

July 07 2016


Tips when looking for injection molding machine for sale

 In today’s generation, people are seeking for an innovation and the process on how we can recycle the materials. Machines have many advantages but at the same time, it has disadvantages. Primarily, it’s the machine cost and other has the limitation of designs/shapes but still widely use. And since plastics are invented, injection moldings (used for making a plastic product) are been around because it is the easiest way for mass production. Injection molding has 2 processes; the injection compression process and the injection molding process. This injection compression process involves in an additional stroke of clamping unit, injection molding process is to mold clamped in a vertical pattern. Clamping unit means to open and close the mold. Mass production (producing in large quantity) means more income. They prefer to use this kind of management technique to easily get back all the expenses occur. Basically, buyers have a limited budget for machines but there are times that we can’t afford the cost/price of a brand new one. So, technically they will wait for sellers to sale.

Tips to look for injection molding machine for sale:

•    Looks for a trustworthy seller. Know their business history

•    Compare seller before settling down

•    Machine with less energy/electric consumption

•     Seller that have knowledge on the machine, so they will know what kind they need

•    Price, which is very important

If already chosen a supplier, evaluate the machine properly because machines are very difficult to handle. Lack of information about the injection molding machine can lead us to choose the wrong one. Although we can still produce a product, there’s a big possibility that the quality of it is at risk and most of all its not profitable. Our main objective is to always satisfy the consumer/customer. Customer satisfaction means they will repeat their transaction.

If can’t still afford, I suggest buying the used injection molding machine. The only difference here is that its lifespan may differ from a brand new. The manufacturing processes for this are still the same; its accuracy, its fast production, the low labor cost, and flexibility.

Buying a machine one must consider if it is environmental-friendly, luckily the injection molding machine belong to this. The best way is to look for the International Organization for Standardization or ISO. It is the certification given if the business passes the international standards, with a thorough investigation or in another word audit. If the business doesn’t have this certification, they should the right precaution.

June 03 2016

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Essential Factors that greatly affect the Injection Molding Process

The plastic manufacturing industry has been serving us for years by providing quality and useful products we use on a daily basis. As we embrace these products, some experts on the field see to it that every injection molding machines for sale use in this industry is producing only high-quality plastic products and parts. To make this happen, they have to come up with an injection molding process that works perfectly.

With the experts dedicated several years of their lives applying their knowledge, experience, and skills with the goal of making the injection molding processes effective and conventional. They ended up with the highest quality processes, designs, and approach every marketer is seeking to heighten up their products value.

Although they have already come up with best processes, experts in injection molding reminds the business tycoons and entrepreneurs engaged with industry that they are still several critical factors that could affect their machines injection molding process which include the following:

•    The Machines Barrel Temperature.

This factor must always be considered for this is greatly related to plasticizing and on the flowability of the plastics being moved into the molds. Considering its important role, it should always be set between the melting point and the thermo-decomposition temperature. When the temp of the barrel is too high, it can certainly cause overflow and flash. If too low, it can cause melting.

•    The Machines Nozzle Temperature.

If the barrel temp is set between, nozzle temperature must be lower. It has to be lower because if the nozzle temp is too high, the plastic being melted will drool in the nozzle and if it's too low, the plastic will decompose. Aside from that, materials can easily block the nozzle which will result to bad components.

•    The Rate of the Plastic Flow or the Plastic Flow Rate.

The machines flow rate actually determines the thickness of the plastic as it enters the mold cavity and it needs to support the ability of the heated plastic to be injected into the cavity as fast as it could until it’s almost full. Marketers should remember that the flow rates are useless if the hold pressures are too high as it will overflow.

•    The Plastic Pressure or Screw Back Pressure.

Screw backs are relief valves located in the hydraulic systems. In an injection molding machine process, the pressure being applied to the melting plastic by the head of the screw took place whenever the screw is moving in a forward motion which is an automated system included in the machine.

•    The machines cooling rate and timing.

In terms of the cooling rates, there is a great difference between the melting and mold temperature. With a mold temp, it is established by the use of materials recommended by the manufacturers and by the customer, while the cooling time is solely established by purely basing the information on the mold design as well on the materials that are being used.

May 05 2016


Common Defects of Injection Molding Machines

Are you thinking of entering the world of business through plastic manufacturing? If yes, you should not worry because many marketers or business tycoons are also engaged with this industry. But as you joining the fun, you should remember that in this business, sweat, blood, time and effort is not enough. You have to give all your investments because you cannot likely produce plastic products without the use of plastic injection molding machines. These machines are important because it will do the half the job for you especially the part of molding and producing your products.

If you do not have the budget for a brand new injection molding machine, you should not frown coz injection molding machines for sale is all on the market waiting for you. As you own a machine and you have started your business. There is another thing you should prepare yourself for and that is the defects your machine could go through along the way.  This will ensure that your business could prevent any sudden breakout that could greatly affect your production and revenue.

•    The Jetting – this is the deformed piece from the flow of the materials. This is caused by the following: the design of the tool, gate position, jetting from too little of die swell, runner and if the injection speed is being set not too high.

•    The Flow Marks –this defect is described as the directional wavy lines or patterns which is caused by the slow injection speed.

•    The Knit Lines – this are small lines on the rear end of core pins or some window pieces that greatly resemble a line. This defect is caused by the “melt-front” which is flowing around an erect object that is a plastic piece and at the end of the fill where the melt-front collaborates together.

•    The Blister – this is a layered area seen on the surface of the piece. This is caused by the tool which is not properly cooled or had been faulty heater. As a result, the material is hotter than it should intend to be.

•    The Burn Marks – these are the brown and black marks from where the air is being trapped. The main cause of this is if the tool is not being properly vented or if the injection speed has been too fast.

•    Delamination – these are the thin layers of mica which are formed in the walls of the plastic piece. The cause of this might be the following: particles on the surface of the tool, foreign debris, material contamination or other materials which are burnt from overheating.

April 24 2016

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Safety Precautions to be aware of in Plastic Manufacturing

With the world we are living in right now, machines are a huge help when it comes to our daily activities, work, and on transportation. With the huge influence of machines to our lives, we are aware of the fact that we need to prolong its lifespan to utilize its purpose.  Molders and End Users in the plastic molding industry are focused and are well aware of these.

This industry has been using molding machinery for years to produce plastic parts and products we cannot live without these days such as toothbrush and others. For these molders, the life of their machine is one of the most important things besides revenue but aside from those they are fully aware that their employee’s safety should be part of their major priorities.

Some molders are using used plastics equipment to be able to produce their plastic products and everyone is aware that used machines are capable of breakdowns that could result in accidents.

To ensure their employees safety, they are hiring someone who will perform a routine maintenance schedule daily. Aside from that, they are following some serious protocol in order to avoid serious injury or death that could take place as their employees work.

Here are some things to do to help prevent accidents.

•    The Power Down

Before their employees will be working on new or used molding machines, they must disconnect it from the main power supply and it should also be given sufficient time to be discharged, this process is called de-energizing.

•    Safety Machinery such as Tagout and Interlocks

Molders should have these pieces of machinery to prevent injury as it is designed to fully spot when the machine is activated. This safety mechanism is important and should never be bypassed in used injection molding machines or any other type of machinery.

•    Safety Provided by Communications

This is the best safety mechanisms on any machine industry. For a sample, if the machines are under service and the operators are out for lunch, informing the operators that the job is pending or finished would save lives especially if the maintenance task requires the technicians to reach the machines movable parts.

•    Employee Behavior and Attitude

This is important to every Plastic Molder. Employee’s good attitude towards work is a very rewarding moment, especially for the supervisors. As a human, it is part of our nature to remove fixed gates and even ignore company or shop protocols. If the employees can’t change their attitude towards work, employers should do their part by warning them on the things that could happen if they neglect protocols. By doing so, their production floor can be much safer for their employees. 

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